For those of you in leadership..... Many changes coming in Campaign 19.

You can listen to the playback on for more info.  Under Sales Leadership tab.  Then click HOT NEWS

Avon has made it even easier to move up in titles and make more money with Leaderhsip.

If your interested please let me know.



Get 250 FREE business cards and 80% off many other items!  Check this out…
Who has tried our new site?
This is a new company Avon has parterned with.  It’s a line for Babies and mom…
You can log onto the site now and order your books and also order demo’s.
You will most likely have to prepay but your discount will apply. 
Log on using your Avon account and password
Books are 5 for $1.25 and are good for 3 campaigns.
Send your customers to the site.  They will need to search for you by last name and your State.  They can shop and they can also set up a Baby Registry.
It’s a GREAT site.  Check it out and start passing it on.
New site I found to help us out!  This is a company of Avon ladies that are mailing books for other reps.
The prices are GREAT!

10-29 books $1.29 each

30-49 books $1.00 each

50 or more books .95cents each

Visit the web site for more info.  I can tell you if you go to the post office to mail your own book it will be about $1.55 each.  
Plus they supply the book and the label.
Sign up and have them send you a free book to see how it looks.
How much would your business increase if you mailed out 30 books to customers you normally don’t see or get a book too?  I can tell you mine increased over $400 the last time I mailed books.

30 customers x $20 order = $600
Imagine if they each had a $40 order………….. $1,200

This is a great service I found.  Send out your recorded messages to your customers or downline.

I did a practice call today and I sounded great.  It left my recorded message on my voice mail.

You can remind your customers about your Avon due date, mention some new products, and much more.

This company offers 25 FREE calls per week.

You can also buy more at a very reasonable price.

Check it out…..

I will be using this service every campaign.

You might even get one from me reminding you about a meeting or even whats new with Avon!


How would you like $150? $300? $600? $750? Ect……

For every person you refer info Avon you can earn up to $150 per person!

If you want more info please ask me!  I can help.



Campaigns 13, 14 and 15 you will get triple points toward Presidents Club!

What does that mean?  Once you make Presidents Club you will get guaranteed 40% earnings on ALL AVON products.  From the time you make it plus the whole next year!  PLUS so much more!!!





AVON is about to start selling NEW delivery bags for our customers.

Check your Demo planner 16.  You can order them in Campaign 14.


Do you have a smart phone?


With this you can take credit cards, you swipe it on your phone and the $$$$ gets deposited to your bank account.


Now when you swipe a card with Square there is just one fee: 2.75%. What you see is what you pay.

Square lets you accept credit cards quickly and easily, using what you already have in your pocket: your phone. When you want to know how much money you’ve made, you no longer have to wade through a complex maze of hidden costs and fees. Just simple multiplication and you know what will be in your bank account.

If you enter credit card numbers manually, Square costs 3.5% + 15¢ per transaction.





Leadership Incentive


Starting Now thru Campaign 17


  • Maintain or increase your Leadership Title

  • C14 thru C17 Recruit 6 or more recruits into your first generation

  • Increase your Unit Sales $500 in C16 and C17 based on your C12 Unit Sales


You will get a $50 Gift Card




Presidents Club Incentive

For those who achieve Presidents Club by C26 gets a $50 Product Bundle


Here are some examples of emails we have been getting lately that are fraud.  If you get any emails that look like this please do not order the products.  Be safe and ask first.
Dont get stuck owing Avon money.



 Dear Customer,
i will appreciate if you could order this goods for me as soon as possible...

AVON BASICS CARE DEEPLY WITH COCOA BUTTER---------------------6-----product number 428-874
BEAUTIFULLY BRIGHT ADVACED TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM------------5-----product number 391-428

CHRISTAN LACROIX ABSYNTHE EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY-----------------4---------product number 508-696
SIMPLE ELEMENTS PERFECT COTTON EAU DE TOILETTE SPLASH----------7---------product number 535-210
FLOWER BY CYNTHIA ROWLEY EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY -----------------3---------product number 229-597
PETAL BY CYNTHIA ROWLEY EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY------------------6-------- product number 234-482
HAIKU EAU DE PARFUM PURSE SPRAY--------------------------------7-------product number 102-972
MARK JEWEL EAU DE TOILETTE------------------------------------3-------product number 078-199
IMARI SEDUCTION EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY-------------------------3--------product number 542-329

I am from Arizona, I contacted avon that i needed a reliable and competent representative and i was given your email address and i hope you are up to the task and to give me a best and satisfactory service. I would need to know the total of all the  products i requested and also the name and address you want the payment sent too .After you send me this information i would instruct one of my client to send you the payment  which would be in form of money orders which you can cash instantly at your bank because my hubby is presently in Arizona, this would be the fastest way now because i don't have a valid credit card to process it online at this moment that is why i would be paying in money orders. I would send you my shipping address as soon as payment has been received by you. Please get back to me as soon as possible so i  can continue with the purchase,  would be back home very soon and i want the products delivered by the time i get back.

 best regards,






 Thank you for your response,I am freelance model from Charlotte ,North Carolina. I am coming down to Arizona for a photo shoot  and i would need you to get this items for me:

BOND GIRL 007 FOREVER™ Eau de Parfum Spray................(1)

 ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Night Cream 1.7fl oz.................(2)

Jillian Dempsey for Avon professional Eye Shadow.......(2)
Super shock Mascara ........(2)

 Do let me know the total cost plus the necessary tax I am to pay on it.I would need to know the total of all the  products i requested and also the name and address you want the payment sent to and also a phone number i can reach you on.After  you send me this information i would instruct my sponsors to send you the payment  which would be in form of money orders or certified check  which you can cash instantly at your bank .Please get back  to me as soon as possible so i can continue with the purchase,i would be in Arizona soon so i would pick up the items in person but i want you to have the funds in advance,so send me the quotations and details needed to send you payment.Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

Lisa Walter
23 Bowers Avenue,
Charlotte,NC 28201







Thanks for your response and i really appreciate it,I got your sales from Avon and I would like to purchase this Items with you on a dealership,not with the company because i am new on this and i don't operate credit card......All I want are listed below
056737     Always 1.7 EDP Spray  { 3 qty}
603290     Lacroix Rouge 1.7 EDP { 4 qty}
270543     Tomorrow 1.7 EDP Spray { 4 qty}
325920     Today 1.7 EDP Spray { 3 qty}
218540     Gruen Men's Brown Leather Strap Watch { 3 qty}
228916      Christian Lacroix NOIR Eau de Toilette Spray for Men { 4 qty}
Please kindly let me know if there is a discount to it, and also you don't have to worry about the shipping because I have a personal shipping company which will pickup the products from you...Meanwhile,I will send Certified Check for the products..kindly get back to me with your full name and mailing address for the payment...looking forward to here from you hopefully soon.Thanks and best
Jessica Jones


 Whats your Sales Goals?
Avon's Sales Cycle starts over in Campaign 8 and will go until Campaign 7 of 2011

President’s Club

Total Cycle Sales: $ 10,100 Quarterly Average: $ 2,723 Campaign Average: $ 389

Honor Society

Total Cycle Sales: 20,200 Quarterly Average: 5,439 Campaign Average: 777

Rose Circle

Total Cycle Sales: 38,000 Quarterly Average: 10,234 Campaign Average: 1,462

McConnell Club

Total Cycle Sales: 66,500 Quarterly Average: 17,906 Campaign Average: 2,558

President’s Council

Total Cycle Sales: 112,000 Quarterly Average: 30,156 Campaign Average: 4,308

President’s Inner Circle

Total Cycle Sales: 280,000 Quarterly Average: 75,383 Campaign Average: 10,769

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