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 Congratulations to  


 for making  Presidents Club


 The 125 Anniversary Mrs. Albee

In honor of Avon’s anniversary year an exclusive Mrs. Albee has been designed

For those who are members of PRP at the close of C-7 2011, earn the special Mrs. Albee when your C-8–C-26 2011 Award Sales exceed prior year Award Sales for the same campaigns.

For those who are not PRP members at the close of the 2010–2011 cycle, you can earn this Albee by achieving President’s Club (sales of $10,100) between C-8–C-26 2011.

This Albee will be awarded by District Sales Managers in late January 2012.

Contact Information

Teresa Forcine 
or 1-877-432-AVON

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This is a great service I found.  Send out your recorded messages to your customers or downline.

I did a practice call today and I sounded great.  It left my recorded message on my voice mail.

You can remind your customers about your Avon due date, mention some new products, and much more.

This company offers 25 FREE calls per week.

You can also buy more at a very reasonable price.

 Do you have a smart phone?


With this you can take credit cards, you swipe it on your phone and the $$$$ gets deposited to your bank account.


Preventing Credit Card Fraud

As your business grows, new Customers may present you with new challenges in terms of credit card transactions. Follow these rules, and you’ll never go wrong.
  • Meet potential Customers in person before taking their first order.
  • Get an imprint of the Customer’s credit card.
  • Check the dates on the card to make sure the card is valid and has not expired.
  • Get the Customer’s signature on the credit card form.
  • Make sure that the name signed by your Customer on the credit card form matches the name signed on the back of the card.
  • If there is no signature on the card, request additional signed identification and compare the signature on the credit card form to the signature on the identification.
  • Submit your Customer’s signed credit card form to the branch, so that Avon can apply it to your account.
  • Keep a copy of the signed credit card form on file.
  • Call for and obtain a valid authorization code. To obtain credit card authorization for Customer purchases, call 1-800-782-7585. The authorization only confirms that the card is valid, not that the person using it is the cardholder or an authorized user.

    Following these steps will ensure that your account will be protected from chargebacks in the event that Avon suffers any loss on the credit card payments you have submitted. Representatives who take payments where the card is not imprinted; or a signature is not obtained (e.g., phone orders); or a form is not received in the branch are not protected from chargebacks, even when a valid authorization code is obtained. These payments may still be processed, but the Representative will be liable in the event of a chargeback by the bank to Avon.

 My name is Teresa Forcine
I am currently an Advanced Unit Leader and working my way up to Senior Executive Unit Leader.

This web site so you have access to see all the upcoming meeting and events we are having in AZ.

Here are our Current Leaders 
Unit Leaders
Heather Shapiro
Elizabeth Landholm

Ashley Plum

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Book Mailing Serive.  This company will mail out Avon brocures for $1.15 per book.  That includes the price of the book.  I have used them.  Its great! 


New site I found to help us out!  This is a company of Avon ladies that are mailing books for other reps.
The prices are GREAT!

10-29 books $1.29 each
30-49 books $1.00 each
50 or more books .95cents each


Do you want an 800 number?  This is the service I use.  Very affordable!



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